Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ugh, I DON'T Have Time to Workout!!!

I know, you are rolling your eyes and thinking; Kelli is going to give me some pat answers as to how I can make time to exercise.  You are going to tell me to wake up earlier, park further away at the store, take the stairs, etc.  As a matter of fact, no I'm not!  Don't get me wrong; those are all great and if you can do them please do but I understand.  You are tired and sometimes waking up at four or five just ISN'T going to happen!  I also know that if you are like me when you go to the store you are taking along a kid or two or four so parking further away means dragging four kids through the parking lot.  Yes I take the closest spot I can find.  Let's not even discuss the stairs...just suffice it to say I only take those if I am shopping childless!  Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.

1. Get a buddy.  Find someone that will seriously hold you accountable and become workout buddies. Make sure that you both check in with each other daily.
2. Find an exercise that you LOVE.  Try out several types of exercise and find one that you enjoy going to.  I had to try several until I found something I enjoyed.  Now I am bummed when I miss a workout.
3. Figure out what time works for you.  Some people enjoy getting up and doing an early workout.  Some prefer to use their lunch breaks and others prefer night workouts.  There isn't a wrong time to exercise as long as  you do it.
4. Have your kids join you.  I have several dvds and when I oversleep or my husband is out of town I pop in a dvd and have the kids join me.
5. Go outside and play!  Forget a full on official workout and just play with your kids.  Tag, chase, soccer, baseball, etc just play.
6. Don't "try and fit in a workout".  When you try to do it you have given yourself permission to not do it.  Use the words, "I will workout today by ....."
7. Set a reminder on your phone fifteen minutes before your workout.  That will give you time to get your mind prepared for your workout.
8. Do a kitchen workout.  What's that you ask?  Do squats while you are stirring your dinner.  Use the counter to do tricep dips.  Hop, lunge, and skip to get around your kitchen while you are cooking.  Yes, you might look silly but it still fits in exercise!

In the end, we have all heard it... "Even fifteen minutes of exercise is better than none."  I absolutely hold that to be true and yes sometimes you are only going to get in fifteen minutes.  That is absolutely OKAY!  Don't beat yourself up and let go of your stress.

What do you do when you are short on time? 

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