Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to Mom 4ce!

Welcome to MOM 4CE!

What's that you ask?  Well, let us tell you!

Mom 4ce is the creative effort of two friends to bring encouragement and support to moms.

What started as an idea to help moms in their MOPs group get fit and start eating healthy grew into a plan to give moms the tools and support they need to help their families eat healthier and to get fit.

Too many times we've heard moms say they don't have the time to eat healthy or workout. All too often, they don't know how to get their kids more active and actually eating their vegetables.  We're here to help.

Between the two of us, we have eight kids.  Some require special diets (soy and gluten free) or have special needs (Down syndrome).  Both of us have worked outside the home, but are now blessed to stay home and homeschool.   We know what it's like to try to schedule workout time around our husbands' jobs (which includes travel and deployments!).  We know what it's like to struggle with learning how to change our diets to help our children.  And now we want to help you see that it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Baby steps will get you started in the right direction and you can go from there.

So, who are these genius brilliant moms?

Lynette has been married to Sarge for 13 years.  Their children include Junior (8 yrs), Girly (6 yrs), Squish (5 yrs) and Sweet Pea (20 months).  Lynette was a competitive runner all through high school and college, but when she got married, she had to find the balance of fitting in workouts and being a wife.  Between two deployments, their first three children were born- Squish was born one month before Sarge deployed!  After a move across the country (WI to TX), Sweet Pea joined their lives.  And things were turned up- side down once again.  It was determined at birth that Sweet Pea has Down Syndrome and at 5 months old, she went in for open heart surgery.  

Lynette holds certifications in nutrition counseling, fitness nutrition and Biblical health.  She has run four marathons and numerous half marathons.  Although running is her first love, Lynette also enjoys strength training and martial arts.
Kelli has been married to Rusty for almost nine years.  They have four kidlets, Kamron (7); Ryan and Dylan (4), and Anna (10 months).  She did not grow up in the most active household.  After starving herself for her wedding and then immediately getting pregnant she realized that she had gained over 75 pounds, Kelli joined Weight Watchers and started to lose weight.  However; work, family, and "life" got in the way.  Two years later, she joined a gym and started another diet.  Kelli lost fifteen pounds and fell in love with kickboxing.  Then, she got pregnant...with TWINS!  At four months pregnant she had to quit the gym due to complications with the pregnancy.  After that pregnancy she rejoined Weight Watchers with a friend, lost a lot of weight and then quit due to frustration of regaining and losing the same weight.  Then, Kelli found a local bootcamp....and fell in LOVE...and then she got pregnant!  During that pregnancy she realized that Kamron had serious soy and gluten intolerances, which led her to seriously questioning everything she fed her family.  She loves her bootcamp workouts, running (slowly but getting faster), and Pilates. 


  1. Yay girls! This is impressive and I'm so proud. I look forward to the updates and suggestions...