Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Tuesday Crew

In an effort to encourage the people in our community, Lynette and I started a Tuesday night workout.  I have been leading it and have been blown away by the turnout and the feedback. 
We have had positive feedback and it has inspired everyone to get out and get active.  
The women who are coming are making that one step to change their lives.  
We aren't doing crazy long runs, we aren't lifting huge weights, we are starting simple and growing from there.
I strive to make each workout a challenge for each person there at every fitness level.  
I don't care if you walk or run, jump or step, lift light or small, just get moving!
There is not cost for a Mom 4ce workout.  It is just a group of people getting together to push one another along  to stay active.  
My goal is that these will eventually pop up around the country (world?).  

 This is a picture of the group from our second workout.

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