Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A simple question with another mom at MOPs got me wondering.  How do you make connections in a new community?

Even if you're not moving like I am every couple years, you're still making changes in your life that might require finding new groups of friends.  So how do you find those groups?

The first thing I did when I moved to the Dallas area was to look up a local MOPs group.  I had kids young enough to still be in the group, so it provided a good starting point for making connections.

The next thing we did as a family was to start looking for a church.  We tried out several churches before we found one the fit our needs.

We then enrolled the kids in local activities.  Junior started Tae Kwan Do at a local school and Girly tried dance.  The connections at the Tae Kwan Do school led to Sarge becoming involved in classes again and eventually his black belt and multiple teaching opportunities.

Once I had started making connections with local families, I started looking at ways to connect with people who shared the same interests.  That led me to the Dallas Running Club and a community of local runners on Sparkpeople.  From those connections, I was able to start meeting people that I knew at local races and then joining more local running groups, like the Cedar Hill running group.  

One of the best running groups I joined was Moms Run This Town.  They have chapters across the country and are a great way to meet moms who run =)

What other places can you make connections?  Are you interested in Crossfit?  Then join a local box.  Find a Zumba class, a yoga class...  The main thing is to get out there and see what is available!  

Go ahead and Google local events and clubs/ groups.  Most of them have some sort of web presence, even if it is only on facebook.  Know someone who is connected in the community?  Ask them if they know of any groups.  With our next move looming on the horizon, I've been asking friends I know who are connected in the running community if they know of any running groups close to where we're moving.  And you know what?  I've been put in touch with a group that's not too far from where I'm moving!

If your kids are involved in the local school district, make connections there.  Not only will you be aware of what's going on at your kids' school, but you'd be amazed at who you could meet.

Homeschooling?  Check out local homeschool co-ops and groups.  Try out different ones to see which match you and your kids' learning styles better.

Don't forget the playground!  If you're comfortable enough, start talking to the other moms there with their kids.

And one last suggestion...  If you aren't finding a group that fits your needs, go ahead and create one.  Chances are someone else in your community is looking for a group just like you are =)

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