Friday, May 17, 2013

Going Gluten Free- Part 3

So here we are on week three. 
 At this point I was feeling pretty good.  We weren't eating bread or lots of pasta.  My kids were acting a LOT better and Kam was rarely having asthma attacks.  I was feeling great and was no longer having Hypoglycemic episodes (yay for unexpected side effects!). 
 Then I stumbled across this thread about finding gluten free canned tomatoes.  "Huh, wait WHAT?!?"  Yes, apparently gluten is in all kinds of stuff you would never even think about.  In fact, the body wash I buy is gluten free.  I didn't originally buy it because it was gluten free, I bought it because I like it and it smells good; but whatever that isn't even my point.  Maybe I should get back to the point...
So, yes gluten is a slippery little devil and is all over the place.  Your decision is to decide how gluten free you want to be.  We are 90% gluten free, sometimes more so and sometimes less.  With Kamron I am more like 99.99% because a non GF Kamron is not a good thing.  So I did some research and have become a label reader when I buy packaged foods and I buy the gluten free canned tomatoes, and the gluten free barbecue sauce, and the gluten free whatever else I find.  
Here's the thing though, just because it is gluten free doesn't mean that the other ingredients are healthy.  You need to know what is in your food or decide what you want to make yourself.  I have chosen to make a lot of our food from scratch, more on that next week!

Do you have any gluten free tips?

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  1. How do you know if the tomatoes are gluten free or not? does it say gluten free or is there a specific ingredient that they add that adds gluten?