Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been doing a bit of reminiscing lately.  Both my girls have birthdays in May.  Looking back it's hard to believe this little beauty:

Has turned into this amazing 7 year old.

Or that this precious bundle: 

Is now an adorable 2 year old.

But more than that, I've been thinking about my time here in TX.  Three and a half years ago, Sarge got orders moving us 1000 miles from our family and friends.  And today we are packing up the house to make our next move to OK.  

As I look back on the friends and opportunities I've had here, I realize that each one has helped me move forward and to grow.  There are so many things we would have missed out on if we had stayed in WI.

I met a great bunch of runners through the DRC (Dallas Running Club).  And ran my first relay race and my fourth marathon.  I learned what it was like to run through the TX summer and to appreciate the *cool* WI summers lol!  But, on the flip side, I realized how nice it is to run through a TX winter and not have to stay inside because of below 0 windchill and feet of snow on the ground.

I met an incredible group of women through my MOPs group- including Kelli =)  And because of that, Mom 4ce was born!

I've been inspired by countless people who have made changes to their lifestyle and improved their health.  And in turn, I've inspired others to start making changes in their lives.  

Even though change can be scary, sometimes it needs to be embraced.  You never know what opportunity is waiting around the corner.

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