Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food For Thought

I have been on some different food boards the last few months and they are starting to concern me.  I am not going to name names or point fingers because there is no reason for that.  
I am worried about the trend of starving yourself to lose that stubborn bit of fat.  
I am upset that women are encouraging each other to brush their teeth instead of eat some food when they are hungry. 
It is frustrating to read about a woman that goes on a date with her husband and instead of enjoying her food she analyzes every morsel and doesn't enjoy herself.  
Quit weighing yourself daily and agonizing over the number, please. 
Food is not an enemy. 
I am going to say it again, FOOD IS NOT AN ENEMY.
Yes, there are trigger foods and you can overeat, binge, and go nuts.  However, all together food as a whole is getting a bad wrap.  
If you are hungry eat.  No, not a quart of ice cream!  Go eat something that will nourish your body. 
If you go on a date with your husband, enjoy yourself.  Eat what you want; not what you think you should have.  
Listen to your body and feed it.  

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  1. That's sage advice. Thank you. I'm starting to lose weight now because I'm eating and fueling my body and enjoying good and choosing not just surviving. Again thanks.