Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Find Your Love

Today I am going to step onto my soapbox and address something that drives me crazy.  I will try not to get too pushy, or mean, or controversial.  (Okay, fine you got me; I don't really care if I'm controversial.)
Have you ever found yourself doing a certain exercise because you "are supposed to"?
Do you find yourself hating to workout?
Do you ever want to take somebody's temperature because they go on and on and on about how much they love to workout?
If you answered yes to one of those questions then listen up...  Exercise can be fun and enjoyable.  
No, I'm not kidding!  

First of all, there is no perfect exercise for everybody.  Some people LOVE to run, others love to dance, and some weirdos like both.  That's OKAY!  How do you know what you love?  Try out lots of different types.  Go to a Zumba class, try out a Crossfit box, go to a bootcamp, visit a Pilates studio, the list goes on.  There are all kinds of different types of workouts.  Go figure out what you love.  We can call it speed exercising.  Most gyms and studios will let you try out a class for a small fee and some will even let you try it for free.  

Second of all, don't be afraid to admit to yourself (and others) that you don't enjoy working out. By admitting it you are also giving yourself permission to stop what you are doing and find something else.  I don't love to workout on my own but I love doing it with others.  Right now I am walking/running with a buddy, by having that buddy I love my morning workouts!  Ask yourself what you dislike and what you do like.  Figure out how to change what you are doing.  

Third, don't stop changing it up.  If you get tired or frustrated with your routine; mix it up a little!  I go through phases and that's okay.  When I first started working out seriously I went to gyms.  However, for me the gym is intimidating and so I always quit going.  Then, I found bootcamp which I loved.  Then I went to Crossfit, which was a little too intense for me at the time.  Now I am doing Pilates/ Yoga and running/walking.  I have also tried out Zumba, Kickboxing, circuit class, biking, swimming, and numerous others.

Fourth and most importantly, don't worry about not doing "it right".  I remember stressing about weight day and cardio day and making sure I got in enough time on my legs/arms/core/ or whatever else.  Here's the truth though as long as you are moving and enjoying yourself you are "doing it right".  Yes, you need to mix up your strength and cardio but you probably are already and don't realize it.  

So, in closing I just want to say: Find what you love and keep at it!

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