Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stocking Up

As I shared here last week, I've been a little shocked by the prices of groceries out here.  I decided on Friday that I needed to do a monthly meat "stock up".  Basically, what I did was go to Costco and buy a month's worth of meat.  I love buying meat straight from the farmer, however when you are on a budget the best way that I have found to get affordable meat is through a bulk buying store.  Our favorite bulk store is Costco and I think that the meat tastes better than from a grocery store.
I bought a lot of ground meat to make taco salad, ground beef stir fry, and Sweet Potato Chili.  I also bought some stew meat, whole chickens, chicken thighs, pork loin, salmon, and tilapia.  I will use sprouted beans to bulk up some of our meals and focus on making this last a month.  
I know that some people tell you that when you are cutting grocery budgets to go meatless, that is not an option for our family.  My husband and I struggle on a vegetarian diet, we have major hypoglycemic tendencies and meat along with good fats are one way to combat those energy and blood sugar dips and crashes.  
Next week, I will tell you about how to get fresh produce without making your checkbook cry! 

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