Monday, May 12, 2014

Birthday Celebration

The "Wonder Twins" turned six on Thursday.  Both boys are fascinated by animals so we decided to go to the Cameron Park Zoo.  I had heard that it was a good zoo and liked the idea of it being a wildlife habitat.  
It was even "Bird Day" so they had bird crafts and discussions set up throughout the zoo so the kids got to make bird feeders, masks, feel bird bones, smell like a Vulture, and more.  These activities were perfect because we have been studying birds for Science and I am "craft challenged".  
I have a bunch of pictures that I took this weekend, however they don't want to load on here.
I'm blaming it all on a new computer, it couldn't possibly be user error!
Here is a cool tour of what all we got to see though.
I really have enjoyed our choice to give our kids experiences and trips over gifts and this was a great trip! 

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