Monday, February 23, 2015

Sparks Indoor Tri

Saturday I competed in my 2nd tri, but I'm counting it as my first (last one was in 1996). I signed up in December and thought I could get a few swims in so I wouldn't drown. That didn't happen. Then I thought I could get some biking in... Maybe a mile total. Oh well. Just hope I don't drown 

I was in the first wave (right a 7am) and I was happy to see that I wouldn't have to share a lane. Started out and was feeling pretty good. First lap was 55 seconds. Turned for the second lap and about halfway through I could feel myself starting to panic. Not good!. So I flipped over onto my back and kicked until I had control of my breathing. And I realized that I was going to have to slow down to just swim to finish.

I climbed out of the water at 11:42 and hurried to the transition area/ bike area. Got dried off, put my shoes and socks on and climbed on the bike, completely forgetting to put on my shorts (I still had on my swimsuit...)

Climbed on the bike and got paired with a very talkative volunteer. He was really nice, but I wasn't really wanting to talk to him about training for a marathon...

Bike went fairly quickly and before I knew it I was heading to the track. The first lap was interesting as I worked the jello out of my legs and found my stride. Every few laps I had to remind my volunteer to tell me my splits and what lap I was on (surprising, because he had been so talkative by the bike...) Before I knew it, I was finishing up lap 40. Two more to go and I would be finished!

I crossed the finish line in 1:05:11. And 4th in my age group. If I had been 8 seconds faster, I would have been second. There was only about 45 seconds between 1st and 4th place.

Overall I'm happy with the race. Maybe next year I'll actually train for it

1st place overall female: Robin, me and 1st place in my age group: Holly

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