Monday, June 15, 2015

Well Done

After 20 years and 10 months of service, Sarge has had his final formation.

We spent the last weekend in May celebrating and honoring his service.

His certificate (yes, a cheesy pose waiting for the photographer to take the pic =) )

His final address to his soldiers.

Even I got a certificate.

Just for putting up with all his deployments and weekends away from home!

And of course there was cake to celebrate.

We were happy to celebrate this weekend with family and friends.



MN friends

In Sarge's words:
It is finished. Not a bad career for a medically unqualified weekend warrior. So here is the box scores for you sports fans:
20 years 10 months total service
8.5 years of that on some sort of active duty
Service in Germany, Thailand, Afghanistan and Iraq
200 or so combat patrols
3 MOS's
6 different schools graduated with honors or distinction
2 time Battalion NCO of the year, 1 time CACOM NCO of the year
E8 selected for E9
Filled CSM and CPT positions 
1 Bronze Star, 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 4 Commendation Medals and 7 Achievement medals
Jump wings
2 different German qualification badges 
1,000's of goats and sheep dewormed and given vitamin shots
Many schools and hospitals repaired/built, wells dug and how to run a local government advice given
Countless times protected by God's grace
20 more years before I see my pension

All that and still denied 3 times of my dream of becoming an officer for medical reasons...I guess it all worked out though

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