Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Homeschool Apology

I love August, not the Texas heat but the beauty of school starting back up somewhere in mid to late August. In my world, that means that August flies by so quickly that if you blink you will miss it. I get entrenched in lesson planning, field trip planning, parties, training, and meetings. This year felt even busier because I am still recovering from surgery and trying to get my medicine figured out. You would almost think I was a teacher, and I am...sort of. I am a Homeschool Mom and this year I am tutoring at my children's weekly co-op.

One of the things I do every year is decide which groups we will be in and which we will not be in. For the past year and a half we have been a part of a few different support groups and I love them. I love the support that they offer, the classes, the friends, the "socialization" time, and basically the feeling that we are not alone on this journey. However, a few weeks ago one of my groups kind of rocked my world.

Our group has a Facebook page (don't they all now?) and a pretty heated discussion erupted over how all parents should homeschool if they are Christians. Scripture was quoted, misquoted actually, and the whole conversation just felt "icky" to me. Our family actually doesn't believe that everyone should homeschool and I really don't believe that all families should homeschool. I know some AMAZING Christian families that have their kids in public schools. These kids excelling in school and it works for them.

For our family we have chosen to homeschool, however we take it on a child by child, year by year basis. If we felt called to do something differently we would and I wouldn't want someone standing over me telling me that I was doing something wrong. I don't feel superior by homeschooling. I don't believe that I am superior by homeschooling either. I am just doing what is best for my family and I applaud all of the other parents out there doing the same.

I really wish that we would focus on ourselves and not berate others for not doing what we are called to do. You work outside of the home? That's great, keep on keeping on. You homeschool? Rock that denim jumper and Keds! You send half of your kids to public school and the other half are homeschooled? You are AMAZING because you have to have kids out the door before ten a.m. You unschool and have tadpoles on your kitchen table and your son is digging a tunnel to China? Cool! Do you get the idea?

I now am offering this sincere apology. If I have ever made you feel less than amazing for your decision to raise your kids the way you are called to, I am very sorry.

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