Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Giveaway Time

In honor of hitting over one hundred Facebook fans we have decided that it is time.  Time for what you ask?  Well a GIVEAWAY, of course.  We have some Shakeology sample packs and a shaker cup burning a big giant hole in our pantry and we are super excited to pass them along to one of our special readers!  Here is what you have to do....  You have four ways to enter! 
  1. Follow Mom 4ce on Facebook
  2. Follow Mom 4ce on Twitter
  3. Tweet about Mom 4ce and our giveaway 
  4. Comment on this post 
Okay, there you have it.  We will close out the giveaway on Friday the fifteenth so get to entering, following, tweeting, and commenting! 
Thank you all for your support, we are so humbled and grateful for each and every one of you. 

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  1. Woot!! A cool Give Away!! I'm in!! :)

  2. future topics? what ya'll did for late preg/early post partum exercise.

  3. That's a good one momof11, I have it written down and will work on that as a post soon. Thank you for the idea!

  4. I'm in! You guys are an inspiration in how to be more healthy. Keep up the great info.

  5. Excited for your new venture and for the giveaway!!

  6. I need all the motivation and inspiration I can get!

  7. Replies
    1. haha.. Misty not Sean.. hubby's account.