Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Monday

Mondays are tough for me.  I tend to oversleep on Monday, the baby picks Sunday night to fuss and nurse, I tend to forget to put something out to thaw and have to scramble around to figure out dinner.  

All of these things used to send me into a ice cream shoveling, beating myself up, Dr Pepper slugging nutcase.  Now, I still have the option of doing all of these things (and sometimes I still do) but for the most part I chose to take a different route.

I tend to plan breakfast for dinner on Monday.  That is something that I normally have all of the ingredients for.  If I miss my morning workout because the baby was up all night or I overslept I do a night workout.  My husband and I have discussed that we are ALL happier when mommy is getting in her exercise.  It might not be the full hour long bootcamp that I love but it is at least something.  

By me making the choice to not beat myself up and roll with the punches my family and I are learning to be more flexible and happier.  What do you do when life goes awry?

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