Friday, March 22, 2013

Grocery Shopping With Kelli- Part Two

I almost made it two weeks on the groceries I bought.
Then, my family ate all of the fruit and veggies.  Soooo, I went to the store and tilapia was on sale.  Sixty dollars later we were restocked and happy!
I work really hard at making a meal plan and sticking to it.  I also strive to plan on leftovers for lunch or even to use for another meal.
Every Sunday we sit down as a family and write out a menu.  The menu is written in stone our families calendar so I know if we are going to have a long day I plan a crock pot meal (or leftovers).  By meal planning I save myself a lot of headaches and a lot of drive thru dinners!
I have no idea why this is upside down...  Pretend that it's right side up. 

Another way I stretch our budget is having BFD.  What's BFD you ask?  That is what my eldest has coined Breakfast for Dinner.  It is oddly one of my kids favorite meals.  We do a lot of frittatas, egg casseroles, and quiches.  These are quick and easy dishes that I can load up with veggies and my kids LOVE them.  If we have BFD I normally add a fruit salad as the side dish.
One other way to maximize my grocery budget is CORD.  This is something I read in a magazine somewhere a few years back and I thought was brilliant.  CORD is short for clean out refrigerator day.   I take all of our leftover vegetables and little dabs of leftover meat and keep them in a Mason jar in the freezer.  When the jar gets full I thaw it out and add some kind of broth to it; either rice, pasta, or potatoes; and any other kind of vegetables that are about to go bad.  This give me a "free" meal every month and I am no longer throwing away dibs and dabs of food!
What tips and tricks do you have for stretching your grocery budget?

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