Friday, March 15, 2013

Grocery Shopping With Kelli

I get asked a lot what my family and I eat.  My oldest son, Kamron, is allergic to soy and has shown several signs of gluten intolerance.  When I first had Kamron allergy tested I was so relieved to know what to stay away from food wise, however I quickly became overwhelmed when I started going through our pantry and grocery store.  Soy is in everything!!!
The first thing I did was start shopping at Farmer's Market in Dallas.  I love going down there on Saturday morning and picking out our veggies and fruit.  There are also some meat farmers.  However, during soccer season this is not possible because we have early games on Saturday.  So I am going to take you through a typical grocery trip with me. 
I buy lots and lots and lots of fresh produce!  I normally shop at HEB or Sprout's.  I like Sprout's prices on produce but HEB has a better selection, they own Central Market so no surprise there!  I buy organic produce from "The Dirty Dozen" list only, remember there are six of us!  If something is on sale or clearance for a jaw dropping price I stock up.  Most things can be frozen for later or tossed into a soup.  Here is a good article on freezing produce. 
Next, I hit the meat department.  There are actually quite a few places I buy meat.  I buy from HEB, Costco, and a few local farmers.  I found the farmers from Eat Wild.  I understand that not everyone can afford to buy locally sourced meat and I am not going to preach at you about it!  If you can great, if not that is okay too.  Lately HEB has had some great sales on meat and since I am already there getting produce it is saving me money to shop there and not drive in the opposite direction to hit Costco (big win!).  The last time I was there they had Salmon for 4.97 a pound.  I stocked up and had them package it in two pound portions.  Then those portions went into freezer bags in my freezer.  They also had chicken drumettes on sale for 75 cents a pound, I bought quite a few packs of that. I will have my husband grill those and we will use them for lunches, soup, chicken salad, etc.  I had beef in my freezer from a previous stock up session so we were good there!
Then, I hit the dairy area.  We eat a lot of meat and cheese with fruit or salad for lunch so I kind of go a bit "wild" when I buy cheese.  I grabbed some string for the boys, some Havarti because I LOVE it, some basic Cheddar, and some Mozzarella.  I also grabbed eggs, we do Breakfast for Dinner at least once a week, it is cheap.  We also eat Yogurt but instead of buying little cartons I buy the big carton and portion it out into little Tupperware containers.  The kids can add fruit to it if they want or eat it plain.  
Last I hit the aisles.  I bought olives, rice crackers, salsa, canned tomatoes, and rice.  Sometimes I hit the freezer section but I have found that it is cheaper to buy big bags of frozen green beans, broccoli, and mixed veggies at Costco.  
So what did this trip cost me?  It cost 230-  Yes, it is a LOT and yes I wanted to cry but we have enough food for about two weeks.  I also took that and divided it by six and felt better.  I will update on the 29th and tell you how long this lasted and give you some tips for stretching your meals. 

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