Friday, April 26, 2013


I like butter.
Actually I love it, a lot.  I cook with butter daily.  
I make my eggs with butter each morning.  Today, I reheated my chicken in melted butter.  
It was sooooooo good!!!

Besides being delicious, butter is actually a healthy food.  
It is chock full of Vitamin A, E, and K; lauric acid, lecithin, and selenium!
Butter fights against free radical damage and weakening arteries. 
It contains conjucated linoleic acid, which is an anti-cancer agent, muscle builder and immunity booster!
This is only a few of the good things about butter.  
 So go ahead, pass the butter and ditch the margarine; just make sure that your butter is from grass fed cows.  My favorite brand from the store is Kerrygold.
You get bonus points if you make friends with a farmer and get your butter locally.   
Your body will thank you and your taste buds will dance. 


  1. AMEN! I LOVE BUTTER! especially melted all over organic popcorn

  2. I love popping my popcorn in butter too!