Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom 4ce's 5k Training Group

One of the reasons Kelli and I started Mom 4ce was to encourage moms to get out and get fit.  And one of the ways that we're doing that is to offer work out groups for our local fans.

After talking to some of the moms, we found that a few of them had the goal to run a 5k.  So we decided to start a 5k training group.  Following along the lines of the ever popular C25k programs, we're going to be working towards running a 5k by the end of May.

The plan for the group, right now, is to have them run twice during the week by themselves and then meet on Saturdays to do our "long run" together.

The response so far has been great!  Except for one morning that was canceled due to hail and lightening, we've been out there every week since the beginning of March.  I am so proud of the ladies who have joined us and have made the commitment to get fit, get healthy.

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