Friday, April 12, 2013

The Phrase That Changed Me

A few weeks ago my oldest son, Kamron, said something that freaked me out, and changed my outlook all at the same time.  Let me give you some background...
We had a rough week, I burned dinner a few times; so we ate out a LOT that week.  I told my husband, that I felt "blech" and Kamron blurts out, "Yeah, I need to go on a diet".  I just froze!  Why is my seven year old son worried about a diet?  Seven year old kids should not have to worry about diets!
Then, it hit me...
Kamron is worried about diets because I have basically been on a diet since before he was born. 
I have obsessed about every bite of food. 
I have starved myself. 
I have gorged. 
I have counted calories. 
I have done any other fad thingy that came around. 
I have given my son a weird obsession about food.  
Therefore, I have decided to do something about it.  
I am not obsessing!  
I am not starving!
I am not gorging!
I am not counting calories!
I am not following the latest fad!
This change has resulted in enjoying food.  I am not stressed about every bite I take.
 We enjoy meal times as a family and relax.  I'm still losing weight and my son is no longer worried about his diet.  All in all, I would consider this a win. 

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  1. Wow. I know that gut-sinking feeling when a child says something about dieting. I have seen my kids grow an obsession over food, too. It is partly because of their food allergies and partly from me. It makes me sad.