Monday, May 6, 2013

Freese Kid 4ce Interview

My kids wanted to do a blog post and since three of them can't read yet, I decided it would be better to interview them.  None of them have been coached on what to say, remember that as you read! 

What do you like to do?
Kamron (age 8): "I like to play with Legos, ride my Wiggle Racer, ride my bike, and jump on the trampoline."
Dylan (age 4): "I like to talk in alien talk.  (He then proceeds to talk in gibberish).  That is translated into jump on the trampoline, I like to crash my bike but then Daddy ran over the back wheel because I left it hiding behind the car.  I like to play and run around in circles.
Ryan (age 4): I like to do 100 jumping jacks and count them.  I also like to do box jumps because you can't Mom.  I sometimes like to play with my dog but sometimes she runs too fast and I can't catch her.  I also like to play with my Legos, Superman, and blocks.

Do you like to play video games?  Which ones?
Kamron: "Mario, Batman, Star Wars, bike racing, helicopter parachuting, sword fighting, archery, and that frisbee game."
Dylan:  "Star Wars on the Wii, sword fighting, Mario Kart, and Monster Jam!"
Ryan:  "Monster Jam!!!  Oh and Toy Story, sword fighting, and bike racing."
Do you play video games everyday?
Kamron: "No, Wii's are for the weekend.  Mom, did you forget that?"
Ryan: "No, that would be silly!"
Dylan: "What?  People do that?"

What do you like to eat?
Kamron: "Chicken Fried Rice, hamburgers without the bun, green beans, baked potatoes, stir fry, and eggs with sweet potatoes that are a quiche."
Dylan: "Brussell Sprouts!  Taco soup, cheeseburgers without the bun but with cheese on it, apples, watermelon, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, salad, and olives."
Ryan: "Apples! I like apples!!!!  Scrambled eggs, oranges, chicken legs, chicken and dumplings, and popcorn."

What is your favorite snack?
Kamron:  "Trail Mix"
Dylan: "Strawberries and Blueberries"
Ryan: "Strawberries without the blueberries; I give my blueberries to Dylan because he's weird."

What do you want everybody to know about eating healthy?
Kamron: "Eating healthy is really good because it gets you bigger muscles like Wolverine and Captain America.  It doesn't taste gross, it tastes good."
Dylan: "It makes you strong and you won't get sick!"
Ryan: "Healthy is good for you, like Superman!"

So there you have it, that is my interview with the three of my kids that can talk.  Anna was busy twirling in circles and getting into whatever she could find during this time.  

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