Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our crazy, beautiful, messy lives

So, I've been trying to write a post about how to keep travel from interrupting your schedule for the last couple days.  And then it hits me.  It's not only travel that gets in the way of our workout schedules, it's life.  Our crazy, beautiful, messy lives.

Take today, for example.

This morning I was just coming back in the door when Girly came downstairs crying.  She wasn't feeling good and needed me.  Twenty minutes later, Sweet Pea was awake and demanding to be fed.  Once I got her settled with food, Squish came rolling down the stairs and wanted to snuggle on the couch.  At this point I still hadn't been able to hop in the shower, but I sat and snuggled with Girly and Squish for a few minutes.  Then Sweet Pea needed out of her chair...  And my day just went from there.  Now it's nap time and I finally have a couple minutes to sit down and think =)

Somewhere in the craziness that was this morning I still managed to get a workout in.  It wasn't long and it wasn't pretty, but it was something.  And some days that's all that really matters.

What can you do on those days that you can't seem to find any time?  Try some body weight exercises through out the day.

Fixing breakfast?  Do some squats while waiting for that coffee to brew.  Walking around picking up after the kids?  Do walking lunges!  Waiting for the kids after school?  Do wall push- ups against your car (and who cares what everyone else in the pick- up line thinks!).

On days it's nice enough and we head to the park, I make sure I pick the parks that have a path around the playground equipment.  The kids play while I walk...  In circles...  But I get a walk in.

Take 15 minutes and chase your kids around the yard.  At work all day?  Take the stairs when you can.  Walk on your lunch break.  I have a friend who walks around the parking lot everyday at lunch.

The point isn't to beat yourself up because you missed a workout.  It's to find ways to get it in despite what happens in a day.

For me, I get up before everyone else and head out the door for a run or walk.  Since I'm back before the kids are awake, I will do a short strength or stretching workout.

When we travel, I try to plan my workouts around what we'll be doing.  If we're going to visit the grandparents, I know I'll have a bit more flexibility in getting my runs in (my dad usually forces me out the door to run with him ;) ).  Or I simply plan it as a rest day/ week, because rest (when you've been working out) is just as important as working out.

Plan your workouts.

Photo by lberger1016

But also plan for the unexpected by having back up work outs that you can do in a short amount of time.

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