Monday, May 13, 2013

Workout Fashion

Yes, fashion matters when you're working out.

No, I'm not talking about needing the cute little outfits, the color coordinated everything.  I'm talking about a few things that you need for safety and a couple that you should never go cheap on.

For safety, it's important that you always have some form of ID.  I know a lot of you walk and run with your phones and think that's enough, but it's really not.  You should have some form of ID that lists who you are, any health concerns and emergency contact information.  Phones can get lost, batteries die...  I wear a RoadID every time I head out the door.

If you are outside, it's important to make sure you're visible.  Brightly colored clothes are fine during the day, but at dawn or dusk it's important to have a reflective vest (the little stripes on your shoes aren't enough, trust me).  Flashing lights are a good idea as well.  I also run with a headlight when it's dark.  Not only am I more visible that way, but it also keeps me from tripping over things (most days ;)).

Nice and bright =)

One other safety item that I always make sure I'm carrying is pepper spray.  I don't trust a lot of the dogs I meet out running- even when the owners say "they're friendly!"  Just make sure you're upwind if you have to spray it ;) There are also self- defense clubs you can carry with you- usually 4-6 inches long, with or without a point on the end.  Make sure you check out the laws in your area on what is legal to carry.

The first item to not go cheap on is your shoes.  Depending on what activity you plan on taking up, you need to get shoes that are designed for that.  Since I'm a runner, I always tell new runners to go to a specialty running store to get fitted for a shoe.  The sales people at some of the big box athletic stores may know something about the running shoes, but usually not.  Proper fitting shoes can make the difference between running for many years and being out with injuries all the time.

Different brands fit differently, so don't be afraid to try different brands.  There are also different types depending on if you pronate, supinate or have a neutral foot strike.  Do you need a motion control shoe, a neutral shoe, a cushioned shoe, a minimalist shoe...  This is why it's important to find a store that can analyze your gait =)

The most expensive shoe may not always be the best.  Most of my shoes fall in the $80- $100 dollar range.  Once you know what shoe works for you, you can buy them on- line for less than the stores.

These are my favorite running shoes- New Balance Minimus and Vibram Five Finger Bikilas.  Minimalist shoes aren't for everyone, but they've been great for me.

The other item that you should not go cheap on is a sports bra.

Even for the less well endowed moms, a quality one makes a huge difference.  I can get away with the cheap ones you can buy at, say, WalMart or Target, but they don't last and I'm constantly buying new ones.  The higher priced, good quality ones I've gotten have lasted longer and provide more support.

Like your shoes, it's important to get the proper fit.  You need to be measured so you know exactly what size you need.  Your activity will determine what type of bra.  If you're only doing yoga, you would need one that's rated low impact.  Running requires one rated as high impact.  From there, it's a matter of personal preference of style and closure.

Some of the brands that I've found to work well are Moving Comfort and Livfit.  For the more well endowed moms, Bare Necessities is a highly recommended brand.

Beyond these two items, what you workout in is all a matter of personal preference and style.  Personally, I prefer the superhero look.

What are your favorite workout fashions?

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