Friday, May 10, 2013

Kicking Gluten Out- Part Two

As I shared in last weeks article my family is gluten free.  I slowly weaned us off of gluten and prayed the whole time that we wouldn't see a difference because I LOVE bread, seriously I LOVE it and the gluten free varieties that I have made or bought were gross with a capital G.  Well, of course just with the minor changes I had made during week one we were all feeling pretty good!
So on week two I cut out the rest of the bread consumption.  I knew this would be a hard week for me.  I think that sandwiches are the best and really looked forward to the day that we had them.  Meat and cheese roll ups are okay but honestly there is nothing better than a grilled turkey and Swiss with tomato and avocado on Rye, really there isn't!
So, there is no every other day off of bread.  There is no emergency pizza delivery. 
I have to work really hard at planning our meals this week.  I have to have more than just meat and cheese roll ups.  I can not get so engrossed in a book and forget to start dinner until 5:30 and need to be somewhere at 6 (please tell me that you do this too!). 
So the first thing that I did was set a timer on my phone to go off at four so I would go in and start dinner.
Then, I went to work at making sure there were leftovers for lunch the next day. 
I also found the joy of lettuce wraps.  We all really like lettuce wraps!
I also designed the "Apple Sandwich", it is super easy and I LOVE it!  Cut an apple into circles; smear peanut butter on it and slap two circles together; voila' sandwich!!!
Last, I started playing around with bread recipes I found on Pinterest, blogs, forums, etc.  
Maybe I'm picky (there's no maybe about it, I am) but I just really don't care for gluten free bread.  If you have found a recipe that you love, great; if not, that's okay too.  
We are happy here without our bread.
I have also found and tweaked several baked good  recipes, so we all still get our treats and nobody feels deprived.  I really think that that was the kicker.  It wasn't that we "couldn't" have cake, brownies, etc it was just that we had to have our own special one.  There was nothing "off limits."
What about you, have you gone gluten free?  Are you in the midst of going gluten free?  Do you have a tip to share?

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