Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kelli's Quick Workout

As I have told you all, I don't like to workout for a long time in the heat. 
Okay fine, I don't like to workout for long periods of time at all but especially in the heat!
However, I am not going to let Summer derail my fitness goals.  Therefore, I have created my "Quick Workout".  The Tuesday night gals have also titled it my "OMG Workout." 
 Please do not do this workout dehydrated and make sure that you have eaten about an hour beforehand!!!

Start with a 5 minute warmup jog.  
20 jump squats (Go from squat position into a jump.  The power should come from your legs)
1 minute run
20 walking lunges
30 high knees (Keep your chest up and bring your knees as high as possible)
30 butt kicks (Keep it fast)
1 minute side shuffle (squat position and use your feet to shuffle, keep your chest up)
1 minute side shuffle on the other side (If you need to switch sides every 30 seconds)
2 minute run
10 push ups
20 walking lunges
10 push ups
20 jump squats 
20 crunches 
20 bicycles
***Bonus*** 25 extra push ups***
Cool Down and Stretch (Your body just worked hard so give yourself a good stretch)

This is a workout I have used on days that I am pressed for time.  It works your body and gets your heart pumping.  If you are interested in other workouts like this consider joining our challenge that starts on July 1.  For more information message us at or check out our Facebook page. 

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