Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Eat or Not To Eat

This month I have been conducting a little self experiment.  I have been playing around with my eating pre-workout. 
There are several people out there that don't eat before they workout.  The theory is that they want to burn fat and not what they just ate.  There are others out there that eat beforehand to give themselves fuel for the work they are about to perform.  
 I was already having major crashes in the middle of my workouts so I figured it wouldn't hurt to play around with what I was eating. 
The first week I did not eat before my morning workouts, I drank water.  Personally, I felt TERRIBLE!  I ran sluggishly, if I could run at all and when I went to Crossfit I struggled through my WOD.  The next week I ate a piece of fruit fifteen to twenty minutes before I started my workout.  I performed better than the week before but halfway through I could start to feel myself lag. 
The next week I ate a protein.  This week took a little more planning.  I made sure to have bit of roast chicken, egg, or something leftover from dinner portioned out.  I performed GREAT this week.  I was really impressed with how I felt and my endurance throughout the workouts.  
The last week I mixed a piece of fruit and protein together.  I have read that using both carb and protein together helps create a slow burn.  This did not work for me.  I felt sluggish again and a few mornings I was nauseous in the middle of my workout. 
Now, I want you to remember that this is ME; not you!  Different people are going to respond different ways so I want you to do what works best for you.  
So tell me, what are you eating before you workout?  Have you played around and figured out what works best for you?

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