Monday, July 1, 2013

The Halfway Point

 The other day I found my goal list from January. 
I had lost it. 
Funny thing, my first goal was to be more organized!
I had some others on there but they were limited to five so that I would actually achieve my goals.  
It's July 1st today.  There are six more months left to achieve those goals from January 1st. 
Have your goals changed?
Have you achieved your goals?
Are you on your way to making those dreams a reality?
One of my goals was to run a half marathon.  To achieve that big goal I have had smaller monthly goals that I have set for myself.  It has been fun to mark off those steps as they were completed.  13.1 isn't so scary when you break it down into smaller steps, one mile at a time.  
Another goal was to become healthier as a family.  That is a really broad goal.  However a goal such as eating 4 different types of vegetables a day for a month is easily attainable.  Again simple steps, one healthy change at a time. 
However, there are also those goals that have not even really been worked on.  For me it is my organization goal.  My desk is still a pile of scariness!    In fact I found this list in my pile on the desk as I was cleaning it off.  I have found many different articles, books, lists, and more on organization; I have even tried some of the tips!  However, I keep on struggling.  
Therefore, I have revisited my goals and am focusing July as my organization month.  I will become organized!  My first step this week is to clean off my desk and have a place for everything.  Then, I am going to make sure that everything is put up before I go to bed at night.  Once these two things are done everyday for two weeks I will go from there.  
The key is to consistently work on your goals and to set them as small achievable steps.  
So tell me, how are you doing on your goals? 

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