Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was playing around on Groupon a few weeks ago and found a deal for three months of unlimited classes at a local yoga studio for sixty-nine dollars.  I checked out the website and saw that they had a ton of different classes including Pilates, Zumba, weight training, and so much more.  So I bought it!!!  
The first class I tried out was Pilyo; a Pilates Yoga fusion.  
I have done some Pilates DVD's and I have taken one Yoga class and I have suffered through P90X Yoga so I thought that this was no big deal.  
HOLY ABS!!!  This class left me with shaking arms, jiggly legs, and my abs were SCREAMING!  
However, I felt good.  I felt relaxed when I left.  
I wasn't panting, my heart wasn't beating out of my chest.  
I can't wait to go back next week.  
I really enjoyed it and loved the fact that it wasn't what I call "Hippy Dippy" you know the ones that tell you to find your inner goddess?  I always end up giggling my way through those workouts.  
The best part of Pilyo is that it will help strengthen your whole body and build flexibility.
For those of you with joint problems, this is definitely the workout for you! 

Reader choice here, what other workouts would you like me to try out? 

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