Friday, August 23, 2013

Apple Clafouti

Here's another easy and good for you dessert.  It's gluten free and kid approved =)

Clafouti (claw- foo- tee) is traditionally made with cherries, but you can use any in- season fruit that you want to.  Claufouti's are not quite a custard, not quite a cake that is delicious for dessert, but can be enjoyed for breakfast as well.


3 cups fruit
2-4 Tbsp maple syrup
1 cup whole milk
1 cup half & half or cream
4 eggs
1/4 cup flour (I used a gluten free mix, but any type can be used)
1 tsp vanilla


Generously butter the bottom of a pan (or pie plate).
Place fruit in the bottom of the pan.
In a blender (or use a stick blender) blend the remaining ingredients for about 2 minutes.
Pour the batter over the fruit.
Bake at 375* for about 40-45 minutes, or until golden brown.
Let cool slightly, but it's best when served slightly warm.
Garnish with some cinnamon, a drizzle of heavy cream or whipped cream.

This recipe is so easy to make that my Girly whipped it up for dessert one night- with my help with the oven, of course.

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