Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going Streakin'

I may or may not have written about it being hot and lacking motivation to exercise. 
I have decided to remedy that problem...I am going streakin'!
No, not that kind of streaking!!!  
I am going on a running streak. 
I plan on running or walking every day for at least fifteen minutes, everybody has a spare fifteen minutes somewhere. 
My plan is to see how long I can go with a goal of ninety days.  
A normal person would start on the first, but I'm not normal so I am starting on August 26th and I would love some company so feel free to join me.  In fact, I will make a group on Facebook called The Mom 4ce Streakers so join us there and get ready to STREAK!  
The group will be free to join and will just provide encouragement and fun...who knows, I may even have some giveaways!  
Who's with me?

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