Monday, August 19, 2013

Camp Berger

What happens when you half jokingly say "Bring the boys here.  I'll watch them for you."?  You end up with 3 extra kids for a week.

Excuse the photo bomb, but there is too much fun stuff to share!

The face of one happy boy- his twins were here to play!

 Can you see the boys hiding in the woods?  This was their climbing wall and (hopefully) eventual zip line. 

Lunch time! 

Fun at the Splash Park before the storms moved in.

Movie and snack time the first day. 

Heading down to the main house for breakfast.

There was lots of water to play in because of the storms.

Lunch at the park.

Sweet Pea really does love to swing. 

Break time in the shade. 

I know!  Let's bury the baby!

Thanks for rescuing me mom! 

At the top of Cavanal- The World's Highest Hill.

It was a very tiring day. 

Don't worry mom.  Mr Berger said it was perfectly safe.

Nighttime swinging and catching lightening bugs.

R caught a couple new friends.  Two lizards that we released after mom and dad saw them. 

Girly made dessert for us (recipe coming up on Friday!). 

Kid 4ce.

Waiting for breakfast the last morning.

Being goofy at Heavner Runestone Park.

Quick stop at the playground to make sure they were completely exhausted and would sleep all the way home.

Thanks for hanging with me through all the photos.  Kid 4ce had so much fun being able to hang out together again.  There are even plans for a Camp Freese (life in the urban jungle) and another Camp Berger next year =)

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