Monday, October 21, 2013

Mom 4ce Plus???

Since life wasn't crazy enough for Team Freese, we decided to mix it up a little.  You know, boring and calm is just well; boring!
I was feeling a little tired and stressed out.  I figured that it was just from getting MOPS off the ground for the year and starting the school year up was taking its toll.  
After almost passing out at our first MOPS meeting I decided that MAYBE I should go to the doctor.  Then, my coffee smelled weird to me and I didn't WANT coffee.  
That's when I knew.... Yep, the Freese 6 will be the Freese 7 in May!  
Lynette has decided to let me stay with Mom 4ce even though I will no longer be a 4ce but a 5ce.  However, that sounds ridiculous so we are not changing the name.  
What does this mean for you?  It means that you will get to read about what I am doing diet and nutrition wise throughout this pregnancy. Don't worry though, it won't ALL be about pregnancy!  
However, I do want to tell you the first thing that I have done is started consuming Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  This is something everyone benefits from and I should have been drinking it before but it wasn't coffee.  However, I have so much energy and so little nausea that I refuse to go without it now!  Non pregnant women have even noticed a difference in their cycles while drinking it so I plan on continuing chugging this brew after our baby comes.  
Other than expecting, Team Freese is busy packing.  Our closing date has been moved back a little but time is flying quickly.  The kids are enjoying a laid back school year, little do they know that this summer will make up for it, bahahaha!  

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