Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's My Workout?

One of the first blog posts I did was about what my workout was.  However, that has changed as my life has changed so I thought I would fill you in some.  I have been VERY honest with you guys and my motivations since May has been *ahem, cough, cough* lacking.  However, I still try/attempt/strive to get moving at least five days a week.  Here's how that looks. 
Monday/Wednesday/Friday (really whatever days end up working): A friend and I meet to walk/run for an hour.  We normally get 3 to 4 miles in.  Some days we are slower and some days we are faster.  I love it because we also get to catch up so the time flies.  
Tuesday/Thursday (really the opposite days of my walk) I attempt to do a dvd with either weights, Pilates, or Yoga.  I honestly LOVE this workout and have asked for this set for Christmas.  
Picture by Amazon
I have also just used several of the weight workouts that Lynette and I have posted here on this blog!  
My workouts have obviously changed as the challenge of looking for a house to buy added some stress.  Now the stress of packing and waiting on a closing date has settled over the house.  Added to that, my bootcamp membership expired and I didn't want to renew while things were up in the air.  Then, I bought a Groupon for a yoga studio and that expired.  So now I am just winging it, and I LOVE it!  I am working out at my own pace, whenever I have the time.  Some days I only have thirty minutes; other days I have longer, and that's okay!  
What are your workouts looking like?

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