Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In the last couple of years our family has been extremely busy.  The boys played soccer, our oldest was in Boy Scouts, all three boys were in AWANA, we tried karate for a very short season, we had homeschool co-op, piano lessons, soccer camp, MOPS, swimming, and the list goes on.  Quite honestly, it was exhausting!  Our calendar was full and we were TIRED! 
Then, we found out we were moving and I slowly cut out activity after activity.  I thought that we would be bored, but the exact opposite happened my kids have THRIVED on having free day after free day.  
I have never felt more relaxed and my house is quickly being packed up.  I'm not stressed out at all.  
I am thankful for this season of rest.  It has allowed my kids to be creative and all of us to grow closer as a family.  Once we get settled in Austin I know that we will add in some activities but they will be quality ones, not just stuff to fill up our calendar.  
 It's so nice to have a moment or two or three to stop and enjoy the beauty around us instead of just running through it as we head off to another activity. 

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