Friday, November 15, 2013

The Shoebox

Every year since my firstborn was itty bitty and had no idea what we were doing we have put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.  We have always tried to do a box from each child and pick a child that was the same age and gender as the child packing the box.  We have hit the dollar bins, the sales, used coupons, and tried to pack that box as full as possible!  It's not a big gift, definitely not as big as we Americans are used to but for a little girl or boy that has nothing it is everything to them.  
My husband and I have tried to instill a spirit of giving in our kids.  We have fought against the feelings of entitlement, greed, and selfishness that we all have.  We haven't always succeeded but every year before Thanksgiving these little shoeboxes remind us of how much we have and how little others have.  My kids have already started spotting items at the store that they want to fill their shoeboxes with and can't wait to go shopping this weekend, it makes this momma thankful to know that these lessons in selflessness and giving are sinking in.

This year as we pack up our house and get rid of items that we don't need, use, want, or whatever other reason I can come up with to get rid of; I am reminded of how good we have it!  We have been blessed by a lot and I am so thankful that we can share how much we have with others.  I will probably never meet the kids that receive these boxes that we pack but I am thankful for each one of those children.  I am thankful that they are teaching our whole family what it means to give selflessly.  
Yes, I am thankful for a shoebox and not because it means I get another pair of shoes.  

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