Monday, December 2, 2013

December....It's Here Already?!?

Does anybody else out there feel like we just finished up Christmas 2012?  
I promise you I blinked and December appeared again!
I have heard people moaning about the parties, the food, the weight gain, the stress, and all of that other "stuff" that comes around from Halloween to New Year's and Mom 4ce is here to help you.  Lynette and I want you to enjoy the next month; NOT beat yourself up over every incident that pops up.  

First of all; let's be real, you are going to eat a cookie or two.  You might even have pie for breakfast.  That's okay!  Please just make sure that this doesn't happen every day.  In my home I schedule dessert or treat days and I don't let cookies hang out in jars or tins.  I know that sweets are a trigger for me and so I keep them at bay.

Second, keep a snack of protein and complex carbs with you.  Don't let yourself get ravenously hungry!  I keep some dried cranberries and Macadamia nuts in a baggie with me.  If I'm out running errands and I get hungry I pull that out to eat.  It stops me from going through the drive thru.  Some other ideas include beef jerky, trail mix, and fruit with an individual packet of nut butter. Just make sure that it is LOW in sugar.

Third, plan out your meals.  If you know that your kids have a play one night make sure to take advantage of your slow cooker that day.  Take the time to sit down now and plan out your meals so that you know you are eating wisely in the midst of all of the festivities that you are going to participate in.  

Fourth, give yourself permission to enjoy the season.  Relax and enjoy yourself!  If you want a cookie, piece of pie, glass of egg nog, or whatever else means celebration to you; ENJOY IT!  Also take the time to focus on the people you are around and reason you are celebrating; NOT the food, your to do list, or whatever else pops up.

Fifth, this one is actually my biggest struggle, get plenty of sleep!  You can't enjoy your December if you are crabby or sleep deprived so get some sleep!!!  If you are well rested you are also less likely to get sick so for your health, sleep.

Last but certainly not least, get moving.  I know it's easy to skip your workouts when you are super busy but strive to keep active at least three times a week.  This will help you sleep better at night too!  I write my workouts on the calendar and give my husband permission to hold me accountable to my workouts so that I don't skip them.  This works 95% of the time! 

Do you have any tips that have worked for you?  I would love for you to share them! 

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