Monday, February 24, 2014

Change is Coming

When Lynette and I started this blog and Facebook page we had plans of doing virtual races, group exercise classes, and meal plans.  We saw it as a basic fitness blog with other outside activities.  However, first Lynette moved and then I found out I was pregnant and moving and life got hectic.  The blog stayed but the virtual races fizzled (mainly from lack of interest) and the group classes died (from crazy schedules) but the blog has remained.  We do offer meal plans that are customized to fit your needs and we still blog and will continue to do so as long as somebody out there is reading.
However, we are slowly becoming more than just a fitness blog.  Yes, we both love fitness but we want to encourage you more than just on your fitness goals.  
Our desire is to encourage each and every one of you in your walk as a woman, wife, mother, and whatever other roles you have.  
You might see some different posts from us in the upcoming months and we would love your feedback on them.  Honestly we value your feedback so that we can better meet your needs.  
We have some exciting things on the horizon and hopefully you enjoy the changes.

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