Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kelli's Roller Coaster

January was a roller coaster month.  I had a lot of ups as well as a lot of downs.
Our family moved into our new house on December 31st which was a BIG UP!  On January 1st my coffee maker broke, this was a pretty big DOWN for me (yes, this is a newsworthy item; quit judging.).  The breaking of my coffeemaker snowballed into almost every appliance in my new house breaking and my husband fixing it through following Youtube videos.  
Another roller coaster ride has been the adjustment of my husband actually having to go into the office every day.  Gone are the days of sleeping until 7:30 and getting in my workout or meeting my running buddy at 5:30 and then taking a nap later in the day.  I have had to adjust my schedule and it has not been pretty.  Right now I am doing workouts during quiet time.  I want to get up earlier but mornings and I are not getting along. 
I also sprained my ankle on what was supposed to be a six mile run/walk.  This threw me for a big loop because I'm supposed to be doing a 15k on the 8th.  I finally had to admit that I will not be ready in time.  This has been the biggest DOWN because I felt like a failure.  Running has been hard the last month mainly because my pregnant body has not been cooperating with my training plan.  However, once I started listening to my body and slowing down a little bit I have enjoyed exercise.  I am walking more and will do the 5k on the 8th, I have also incorporated more Pilates and sculpting into my regimen.  I feel better and have much fewer aches and pains. 
My biggest up has been enrolling in the Institute For Integrative Nutrition which means that I will be a certified health coach in February of 2015 but will be able to take clients by August of 2014.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a while but the timing was never "right".  I came across a great deal and after talking and praying with my husband things literally fell into place.  
I am looking forward to see what February brings.  I am sure that it will be another roller coaster!  

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