Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Running on Empty

I had planned on doing a write up on my Hot Chocolate 5k.  I had a good time freezing my butt off with my running buddy from Dallas.  We finished, not with great times but not too shabby either since we walked most of it.  However, I'm going to be honest with you guys instead. 
I'm tired.  I'm 27 weeks pregnant and half the time I'm pretty sure that this baby girl is going to fall out.  
Walking isn't bad but running right now is miserable.  
Seriously.  I'm kind of starting to hate it. 
Will I always hate running?  NO!
However, right now it isn't pleasant and that's okay. 
I am really enjoying some workouts that I found online, weights and pilates are what my body  is craving. 
I sat in my midwifes office yesterday and told her that I was pushing myself to get in a run/walk two to three times a week but that I hated it.  She looked at me and asked me what I was trying to prove.  It really hit home that I have nothing to prove to anyone.  My job is to be as healthy as I can to have a healthy baby but if my body is saying, "STOP!" then it's okay.  I'm not sitting on the couch eating candy bars all day, I'm just doing what works for me right now.  
The most important thing for any of us, pregnant or not, is to listen to our bodies.  That's what I'm doing right now.  In my head I wanted to be a SuperMom that ran up until the day I delivered but I am okay with being a SuperMom that lifts weights and does Pilates instead. 

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