Monday, March 3, 2014

February Rewind

Another month has come and gone.  Are you still on track with your goals?

For February, I committed to running 100 miles for the Taji 100 Challenge.

And I'm happy to say that I finished.  The last week was a bit rough (36 miles in 5 days).  Nothing like a little procrastination (and a mother- in- love who kicks you out of the car 10 miles from home) to motivate you =)

As March starts, I'm sitting down to figure out what I want to accomplish this month.  Running 100 miles or more is on the list- I've got 3 extra days this month!  

We need to get some of our seeds started for our garden.  We need to do some work on the Memorial garden.  We ordered the fence for it, so as soon as that comes in we'll be able to start that.  

The pad/ building area was cleared for the house.  

The next step is to figure out what type of house/ frame we want to go with.  Sarge is leaning towards a timber frame with cordwood in- fill.  

Of course the kids and I will be working on their school work.  Girly has been reading a lot lately, so more trips to the library will be happening.

I have a nice little stash of yarn built up and will be working on some more crochet projects.  Only 10 months to Christmas after all lol!  Maybe next month I'll have some pictures to share.

What are your goals for March?

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