Monday, March 31, 2014

Vike Hike Half Marathon

This last Saturday, I had a chance to run the inaugural Vike Hike Half Marathon here in Poteau.  Running a local race is so much more fun than running a race in a different city.  Add in the fact that the race was well organized, beautiful weather and you have the perfect day.

Kelli already mentioned how I did.  I'm happy with my time (haven't raced a half in nearly 4 years) and with how I placed.

But that's not the only reason I run.  

I also run to be inspired by the other runners.  

The Vike Hike course had a long out and back at the beginning.  Not only did I get to cheer on the front runners, but I also got to cheer for and high five the runners behind me.

And then the end of the course had a couple loops...  It made it easy enough to walk out to mile 12.  And there I had the chance to run in with a few other lovely ladies from my local running group.

And they inspired me.

Miss L who had spent the week before the half sick with a stomach bug (and still wasn't feeling 100% on Saturday!)  Running with her the last mile reminded me that we are stronger than we think because we have God on our side.

Miss M who was running for a little girl who won't be able to run for herself and to raise awareness for Edward's syndrome (trisomy 18).  

But the one who inspired me the most was Miss T.  Looking at her, you wouldn't consider her a runner.  But she is.  It may have taken her almost 4 hours to complete the half, but she did it.  She finished with a smile on her face surrounded by her friends and family.

The SOM's (Strong Okie Mamas) before the race

Some awSOMe ladies after the race

Every runner has a story.  Take a moment to listen to them and be inspired by the obstacles they've overcome or the causes they're running for.  I guarantee you'll walk away with a new perspective.

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