Wednesday, April 23, 2014

36 Weeks

As you all know I (Kelli) am pregnant.  It literally feels like I announced my pregnancy yesterday however, today I am 36 weeks!
People keep asking me how I feel.
Here's the funny thing about that question, these people apparently expect me to answer that I feel great.  So when I tell them that I feel like an elephant, beached whale, a gigantic baby eating monster, or whatever else pops into my head they look shocked.  
Here's a tip to everybody out there, don't ask this question if you aren't ready to hear a hormonal pregnant woman vent for a minute or two.  
We are all feeling huge, it is just the way it is.  Yes, this is my easiest pregnancy EVER!  
Yes, I do feel good but I am also uncomfortable and slowly ready to evict this little girl from my body. 
My workouts have changed in the last few months.  I am trying to do Pilates and weights but have been struggling with staying consistent.  I am walking still, at least a mile a day.  Well, walking is stretching the truth a bit there...I waddle about a mile a day.  
On Thursday my midwife will come over and do my first home visit.  
I never thought that I would have a baby at home.  In fact I adamantly stated on several occasions that I would NEVER birth at home.  
As we all know you should never say never.  
As I got ready to birth at the birth center I kept questioning why I would leave home to give birth only to leave a few hours later to go home.  I could make everybody come to me and be comfortable!  
The more I debated and prayed the more open I was to a home birth, my amazing husband commented, "Well we need new sheets anyway; might as well give birth on these before we throw them out!".  You've gotta love a husband like that!!!  
I'm excited about the delivery and quite honestly a little nervous too.  I've never birthed at home, I've never delivered without drugs, I've never dilated without meds; and yet this all feels right.  
In the next month or so I will get to tell you about my delivery and share with you my sweet little girls' entry into this world.  I don't know what to expect but I am so excited!  

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