Wednesday, April 16, 2014


For the last couple months, I've been training with the idea of running a marathon the end of this month.  

Last week I realized two things.

1) My training wasn't where I wanted it to be

2) The stress of number 1 was causing me to lose sleep and start stressing about other things

Neither one of those is a good way to go into a marathon.

So, Sunday night I decided that I was dropping to the half.  I sent an email to the race director and then an email to my dad.  The second email scared me more than the first lol!

Monday morning I got two emails back.  One from the race director saying my registration had been changed and one from my dad telling me to call him.  Gulp.

Turns out he was stressing about the idea of running a marathon as well.  Since WI isn't going to see spring this year, his training has been almost non- existent as well.  We both agreed that dropping to the half was the better idea and that we would enjoy our run a lot more.

The idea of a full marathon this year isn't completely out of the realm of possibilities.  I just need to learn how to not stress about the training and how to enjoy the process =)

Green Bay Marathon 2009

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  1. SO much to love about this post:
    I love that you changed direction to something you feel comfortable, yet still challenged by.
    I love that you and your dad share this and that you have honest communication.
    Most of all, I LOVE that you point out that enjoying the process is important.
    Happy running!
    Thank you for sharing.