Monday, April 14, 2014

Feeling Brave

I have a two year old daughter named Anna.  
She is the youngest, until May, and is my shy one unless she's at home with just the family and then she's the crazy one! 
However, Anna has been afraid of dogs since she was born.  Nothing ever happened to her to cause this fear; she just doesn't care for dogs.  
This weekend she told my husband and I that she wanted to pet "Ammo" our neighbors dog.  
Ammo is a full blooded German Shepherd and has to be HUGE to a two year old, seriously Anna could ride him as a pony if she wanted.  He is also an amazingly well behaved dog that looks out for all of the kids in the neighborhood.
Anna talked all weekend about petting Ammo.   
Then, Sunday afternoon her moment arrived.  Our neighbor was out and she asked if she could pet Ammo.
Mr. Eric brought out his dog for her to pet and Anna froze.  I held her and encouraged her to pet Ammo and my sweet two year old daughter just couldn't get her hand out to touch Ammo.  
It started to drizzle and our neighbor went inside.  I looked over at Anna and saw the regret in her two year old eyes.  Later on, okay fine ten minutes, the rain cleared up and Anna started talking about petting Ammo again.  
This time she held my hand as well as my husband's hand and tentatively let go of our hands and stroked Ammo's soft fur.  The grin on her face was priceless!
Anna even pet him two more times before it was time to go in for the night.  
You could see the confidence in her as she went in and got ready for the night. 
 Anna faced her fear and pet a dog!
What about you?  What fears do you have? 
How are you facing your fears?

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