Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being True

I haven't wanted to admit this for a while because I hate labels and stereotypes.  
However, through a series of events I felt it was time to come clean. 
The Freese Family eats a mainly Paleo diet. 
There, I said it. 
I came clean. 
Most of you could care less how we eat.  I know that.  
In fact, I don't even believe that a Paleo diet is for everyone.  
Right now it works for us, I've played with other dietary theories and they never clicked. 
We started eating this way a little over two years ago and it just meshed.  I was doing research on diet and allergies and going gluten free and it all snowballed from there. 
There are days that we eat gluten and other junk; and then we pay for it in an allergy attack, mood swing, bloating, or something else.  Lately we haven't been "cheating" because the after effects are NOT worth it. 
However, the real reason I haven't wanted to admit to eating Paleo is a reason that a lot of Christians don't believe that you can eat Paleo and have a fulfilling walk with Christ.
The reasoning is that the Paleo theory focuses on how a "caveman" ate and that they believe in evolution.
To this is say, "phhhhtttt, whatever."
Like I said at the beginning it has taken me a long way to get to this point.
I don't think that God really cares what I'm eating as long as I'm spending time with HIM, my Creator, Giver of the food I put into my body.
I'm not focusing on the different beliefs behind it, I'm focusing on the fact that my family thrives on this eating style.  My son is not sick all of the time, my husband doesn't struggle with IBS, I have energy, and so much more!
And there you have it, I'm being true to myself and to all of you and you know that we are a Paleo family.  


  1. Good for you. Evolution has nothing to do with it. It is all about adaptation to changes in the food sources. How Cain and Abel ate was different to how the twelve disciples ate, which is different to how we eat. Bless your food, and bless your family.