Monday, May 19, 2014

Things To Do While You Wait...

I am not a very patient person and waiting for a baby to come definitely shows how impatient I am.  
For some reason in my head I think that my kids should come "early" since my firstborn came at 38 weeks.  That's not how it works and I know that but a girl can still hope and pray and dream. 
When you've had Braxton Hicks off and on for a month you really start to hope that you will go into labor soon.  However, in the meantime you have to stay busy and relax so here's a list that I've compiled of ways to get your mind off of your belly. 

  1. Get your nails done
  2. Get a massage
  3. Rearrange your furniture
  4. Have a Jane Austen movie marathon
  5. Bake cookies with the kids and share them with your neighbors
  6. Bake brownies with the kids and share them with your neighbors eat them all
  7. Get an adjustment from your chiropractor
  8. Drink gallons of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  9. Walk around your neighborhood and admire all of the flowers
  10. Walk around your neighborhood and make fun of the street names
  11. Hang out in the pool
  12. Walk every aisle at Costco
  13. Bounce on the exercise ball in the hopes of bouncing the baby out
  14. Buy your kids new shoes because they outgrew their old ones
  15. Cook in double batches so you have less to cook when the baby comes
  16. Decide that you are going to eat the food you froze the day before because you are tired of cooking
  17. Take a nap
  18. Research ways to kick start labor
  19. Eat the biggest and spiciest burrito EVER from Qudoba
  20. Wake up in the middle of the night with the worst heartburn ever from a burrito and watch old episodes of Friends while waiting for Peppermint oil to work
  21. Debate eating other spicy foods
  22. Get into an argument on a natural parenting board and type ALL IN CAPS
  23. Decide that parenting boards aren't worth your time 
  24. Read some really good books that your friends have recommended
  25. Write an outline for your business plan
  26. Rethink your business plan and rewrite it
  27. Harass your husband by asking for the millionth time if he thinks the baby has dropped
  28. Rearrange your bathroom cabinets
  29. Work in the yard Supervise your family working in the yard
  30. Do as many squats as possible 
  31. Soak in the bathtub because your legs hurt from squats
  32. Do as many lunges as possible
  33. Take a shower
  34. Ignore phone calls, texts, messages, and neighbors asking; "When are you going to have that baby?"
  35. Watch Zoolander and laugh through the ridiculousness of it 
  36. Get addicted to Dr Who
  37. Get your husband to rub your feet with Clary Sage oil 
  38. Dance to 80's rap
  39. Take each of your kids on a date
  40. Surprise your kids with "gifts" from the new baby in the mail (you know your baby is shopping on Amazon right now)
  41. Let your kids pick out a gift for the new baby
  42. Journal
  43. Have an "Art Day" and make a mess
  44. Go on a date with your husband and don't complain about how you feel, how hot it is, and the fact that you are still pregnant
  45. Meet a friend for coffee 
  46. Get your nails done again because everything was starting to chip
  47. Let your kids paint your belly
  48. Sleep in
  49. Have a pajama day
  50. Make popcorn on the stove and read a bajillion books to your kids

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