Friday, May 16, 2014

Lost Mojo

It's always good to have goals and a plan in place to reach them, but what happens when the mojo's gone?  What happens when you just don't feel like it?

That's where I'm at right now.  I have no desire to head out for a run.  I have no desire to workout.  I know I need to.  I know I feel better when I work out, but I just can't force myself out the door right now.  


I know I need a plan.  And I know I need a kick in the pants.  Anyone want to volunteer? =)

I'm going to switch things up a bit.

I got a new bike for Mother's Day.  Nothing fancy, but enough that I can ride further than I can run on these roads.

But I think it needs a name first.

Comment below with your favorite name and next week I'll pick the one I like best.  The lucky person who suggested it will get a nice little surprise as a thank you =)


  1. I wish I owned a bike, but then again I'm not sure I'd use it :-/ Come down here and I will give you a swift kick in the pants...but seriously, don't be too hard on have a lot on your plate. I admire you just for being able to do what you do much less finding time and energy to workout. Keep your head up!
    I think it's name should be "Pink Lightning"

  2. Love your bike. Too cute. It's Sassy so it needs a good name Sally, like the song Mustang Sally. Rogue, Storm, or Mystique from X- men. I really like Mystique as well as some version of Sally. Mix it up. You'll get it back. I think you're burnt out on running. I'm exhausted just seeing how much you run. Lol yeah I went through a period of 3-4 months where I didn't make it a priority so I started back with completely different workouts. Now I'm getting back to what I was doing. Kickboxing, zumba, pilates, yoga, spin, bootcamp. Zumba at home too. Just hitting the gym on the strider and bike and hopping into a new gym. The new gym that I've been hitting has a treat of a sauna, juice bar, and pool. It's a nice break. I ve been gym hopping and have lost 11.5 lbs. Go get me Tiger. :)