Friday, June 20, 2014

Farm Camp

While Junior was at Camp Invention, Girly and Squish were having fun at Farm Camp.

They learned all sorts of interesting things this week.  And I actually know what they did, because I've read their farm journals =)

They learned about what makes good soil, planted seeds and made seed tape.

They learned about good bugs and bad bugs.  They even got to try on a bee keepers suit- everyone declared Squish the cutest, most adorable little thing =)

They learned about basic animal care, got to feed different animals and shear a sheep.

They made stepping stones, strawberry jam and painted birdhouse gourds.

The last day was Parent's Day and they got to show off everything they did with the Farm Olympics.

While we were waiting for them to show up...

Oh look, there they are riding on the cows...

Every farm girl needs to look fashionable in her Hello Kitty shirt and muck boots.

And the start of the Olympics.  Squish had to help load bales of hay onto the wagon.

Girly had to *muck* out a stall.  It was just hay, but now I have proof she can help me with the chicken coop ;)

And then they had to look for (fake) eggs in the hay.  Because we all know chickens don't always lay their eggs in the nest boxes.

There were other events- catching a pig, chasing a goat, milking a cow, pumping water...  But these were the events my kids had to do =)

And then somehow Squish got the farm hand to carry him around on his shoulders and steal his sunglasses...  Must have something to do with being the cutest most adorable thing ever =)

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