Monday, June 23, 2014

Life with five...

is a little bit harder than I expected.

People keep on asking me how things are going and I don't want to be negative but to be honest getting in a groove has not been easy.

Emma will be a month old this week and I get a shower about half of the time.  
I'm counting that as a win!

I've taken all five kids to the grocery store by myself and I returned home with all five kids. 
I'm counting that as a win!

Some days are easier than others and those are the days that I just go with the flow.

My older kids are getting really good at grabbing a yogurt and Granilla Bar for breakfast, 
Kamron can make a great cup of coffee for me, and Anna has started curling up with me while I nurse. 
Emma seems to instinctively know when meal times are and wants to eat then.

In my over achieving mind I had planned on doing all kinds of exciting things this Summer.

In reality we aren't doing much of anything on my list, oh well!

However we are still having fun.  The kids enjoy swimming in the pool in the backyard. 
They have become good friends with the kids in the neighborhood and have spent countless hours playing. 
The boys are planning out our fall garden and we are even expanding the plots.

Kamron and Rusty start guitar lessons this week.

Play dough has been played with, a lot!

All in all, I would count that as a win.  We are all a little sleep deprived but we are all growing as a family.

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