Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Fear

Remember those No Fear shirts?  Yes, I'm showing my age here but I remember in junior high and high school everybody had at least one No Fear shirt. 
I don't really remember the text written on them but it always ended with No Fear on the back. 
One friend of mine had all of them and she only wore No Fear shirts for an entire month!  She was obviously the coolest girl at Belle Plain Middle School that month.  
I've been thinking about those shirts a lot because I have been living in a state of fear the last month. 
I have had a to do list with a long list of items to get done to start my health coaching business so I can start seeing clients in mid August.  However, I have always had a very good excuse as to why I didn't get any of it done.  I didn't have a good name, I was out of printer paper, the baby needed to eat, and so on. 
Then, my husband had the nerve to ask me what the deal was.  
He knew I had wanted to be able to do this for over a year so what was holding me back?
All of my fears and doubts came pouring out: what if I can't find any clients; what if it's too much; what if I'm not any good; and so on.  
Then, my husband said something so profound it blew me away.  "All of those what ifs will come true if you don't actually try."  See, I told you; he's profound. 
All joking aside, he's right and it's exactly what I would have told a client.  So instead of living with fear of failure I have decided that July is NO FEAR month.  I'm working on getting everything set up to take clients starting on August 18th and I'm excited!
Is the fear gone?  Not all of it but I have a plan. 
Whenever I start to question myself I remind myself of why I wanted to be a Health Coach in the first place and that gives me the courage to press on.

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